Joe Watson apprenticeship at Press and Journal

Ever heard the expression, “go knock on a few doors” if you want to get something accomplished? Some open while others stay closed. Recently I went for a job interview at the Press & Journal for an Apprentice Journalist job. Got called back for a 2nd interview.

Last night I received a phone call from the Editor in Chief Damian Bates to just let me know that I have made it down to the last 2 but I did not get the job. He was impressed with me and wished me all the best for the future . But through my blog I have managed to improve a writing a great deal from what it used to be like. A bit gutted however I will continue to produce great content from audio to written. Thanks again for the support and I enjoy interacting with you all a lot. Without you guys there would be no “Scottish Fitba Base”

I never thought after two years of having my blog I would ever build up a passionate Highland League audience like today. Through this blog I have built up my confidence up so much. The amount of emails and messages I have had from people from across the world that enjoy reading my blog.

The future is bright for the Scottish Fitba Base and me! All the best and have an amazing day!

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