Dear Uncle Tommy

Hey, Uncle Tommy, It’s Sean. You know,the first thing that rushed into my brain and heart to write about was to write this letter to the person who inspired me to start football reporting.

Tommy I never got the opportunity to meet you in person which something I wished happened when you were still here on earth. But I thoroughly enjoyed sending you reports from the Kilmarnock matches I attended when I was younger and getting your feedback. It gave me practise and the belief to start writing regularly for the Highland League Hub and set up my blog called the Scottish Fitba Base.

You always said, “One day Sean you will write for the big boys in the newspaper industry.” I have, so far I have written for the Scottish Sun, Daily Record, Sunday Mail and Sunday Post along with some local papers. Tommy as I look at the amount of matches I have reported on since 2013 from Scottish Cup to League One. I amazed at how much my writing has improved and my confidence has grown significantly.

Now I’m  at Glasgow Clyde college studying HND Practical Journalism. Then I want to push on to become a full-time journalist at a local newspaper in 10 years time.

In my early years at the academy, I hated English with the passion and some of my teachers said to me, “you have destroyed the English language.” Now I want to put these doubters to bed. As I’m sitting here writing this letter, it’s interesting to see how much you have impacted me in my writing.

Every time, people ask me how I got into football reporting I always talk about you and us writing letters back to each other. You live on!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your advice and motivation to grab every opportunity to get my foot in the door for journalism. And I want you to know how huge of an impact you’ve made on me.
So I thought it was a great time to say “Thanks Uncle Tommy.

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