Exclusive Hamilton footballer blasted for almost hitting a young fan

On Saturday during the Lanarkshire derby, a Hamilton footballer almost hit a child and broke a seat with a  ball.

The incident happened at Fir Park when Accies player Dougie Imrie blasted the ball into the East stand, breaking a chair and nearly hitting a four-year-old Motherwell supporter.

This overshadowed an entertaining match where the hosts won 4-2 over Accies in front of a healthy crowd.

Andy Ross, the father of the youngster who was close to being hurt by Imrie’s strike into the crowd was annoyed by the winger’s behaviour.

He said: “Petulant blasting of the ball at the crowd by Dougie Imrie which was pretty dangerous. He should be smart enough to deal with it in a professional manner.”

Motherwell fan Craig Forman saw the incident and insists that Imrie should face punishment for his actions.

He said: “A small fine, a couple of games and a public apology not only today’s I was only clearing the ball rubbish.

It happened 20 yards from me and malicious. He goaded the fans afterwards and was never out of the linesman’s face.”

Hamilton Accies spokesman tweeted: “Sitting with Dougie now- he apologises, the clearance was hit with a bit more force than normal and didn’t intend to alarm anyone.”

The SFA failed to comment on the matter.

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