Journalism student John Glover wants to write for the Daily Telegraph

An aspiring journalist at Glasgow Clyde College has revealed that politician Boris Johnson inspires his writing. As well as Jeremy Paxman, Andrew Little at the Dundee Courier, Michael Deacon and Scottish Editor of the Daily Telegraph Alan Cochrane.

John Glover from Falkirk may have surprised many when he mentioned Johnson and refered to him as a “very clever person but “acts like a buffoon”.

The 18 years old has no doubts about what newspaper he wants to write for.

He said: “I would like to write for the Daily Telegraph. I read it so logic states that you must write what you read.”

The student revealed that music is also a talent of his.

He said: “ Music is an interest I play the guitar and edit how it sounds. I can play plenty of Eric Clapton songs. I’ve started learning Warhead by Extreme Plenty.”

Glover was given some advice by Duncan Leven content controller of Radio Clyde at an event he attended where people spoke about their jobs and what they did. He feels its great advice.

Glover said: “He told me to use my contacts.”



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