Lego Creator commissioned to build small Glasgow University

A model maker is being commissioned to build a small replica of Glasgow University cloisters out of Lego for a graduation present.

Denis Donoghue is known on social media as Bricking It Glasgow has built a variety of the city’s buildings from the Barrowlands to the iconic Duke of Wellington statue. Lego is a everlasting toy that continues to be popular through every generation.

Duke of Wellington statue in Lego

He said: “I’m not building all of it. Just a wee commission that I’ve had from somebody to do a little framed one for a graduation present.

“I’ve almost done a kind of basic version. I just need to get an original picture of the cloisters to put on it.”

Donoghue was inspired to start making Lego models of buildings across the city out of Lego when he visited Brick City an exhibition by professional Lego artist Wayne Elsmore at Paisley’s Museum in 2013.

He added: “I wonder if anyone done any of Glasgow’s buildings. So then I got googling and then I realized that there wasn’t really.

“I couldn’t really find any pictures of any Glasgow buildings. Oh, I’ll maybe give one a try. I said that I’d try to do the Barrowlands because I like the building and I thought it would be quite easy. So, I just thought I’d start doing it.”

His degree in town planning has played a small role in helping him be able to craft these models.

Out of all the buildings he has made so far, Barrowlands is his favourite as it brought back magical memories of going to gigs in his youth.

He said: “I did a degree when I was younger so it’s part of that.
I did kind of draw frontages of buildings and helped friends of mine who are architects to make models of buildings out of cardboard and stuff.

“I guess my favourite is probably still the Barrowlands because it’s a really interesting building and it’s kind of iconic I suppose. It’s got a lot of good memories for me in terms of gigs and stuff.”

Looking ahead to the future, Donoghue has plenty of buildings he wants to turn into Lego models.
He added: “I’ve got quite a long list and you’ve suggest some things as well so I suppose I’d quite like to at some point have a go at the Glasgow School of Art frontage”

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