New Year 2017: New Chapter

The New Year is always a time for personal reflection and renewal. Your aim for every year should be to make it better than the previous one and reach for the stars for your goals. Christmas and New Year were ace as I got to spend time with family and friends up North. Plenty of happy memories were made. Hope you all got a deserved break.

In 2017 I’m hungry to make the most of another superb year. I have many goals I want to reach, these are some of them:

• Grow my blog

On this blog, I will be upping my game and posting more regularly as I failed to be consistent in 2016 so look forward to more content. I need to improve the quality of the posts as I have made too many sloppy grammar mistakes in them. So hopefully this year I can finally get into a proper rhythm and make content I enjoy.

• Exercise properly
During my time so far in Glasgow I haven’t done enough exercise which has resulted in me being tired and effected my work. So this year I will do some sort of exercise weekly.

• Confidence

This one feels like the biggest resolution to me; last year at the end of August it feel like a refresher and starting a new chapter of my life. Since moving to Glasgow my confidence has grown, however I need to accept that I still have to work on it.

• Be more proactive with finding stories.

I need to go and search for new stories more. As to be honest, I haven’t been looking for stories enough.  I have a week of work experience at the Daily Record in February which I want to make the most of.

  • Work on the craft of Shorthand

      I will work on shorthand as it’s been the thing that is standing in my way.



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I’m a 18 year old now! Boom time flies.

I’m 18 now! I loved every minute I spent up in Macduff celebrating my birthday with my amazing family and friends during my week on holiday from college. Someone said to me: “You look very happy in your Facebook profile picture.” That’s an understatement by a country mile. I couldn’t stop smiling.

Being home was sweet! I saw people who I was used to seeing every week before moving to Glasgow which was brilliant. I miss everyone but I will see you all at Christmas as I return home once again. Many things have changed up north with Macduff Parish Church getting a new minister and my classmates are at university studying in Aberdeen and Edinburgh as well as some at college locally. Others are still at Banff Academy.

Recently I got my interview with YouTuber Jodi and Steven Vlogs about their visit to Glasgow published in the Student Record which is an amazing achievement for me and I appreciate everyone who read it. My writing has improved a great deal since I started in 2013.

On my birthday while sipping a nice cold bottle of Beck’s at night I look at the collection of pictures from past and present given to me in a frame as a gift from my sister Lauren. This triggers me to remember many magical moments in my life so far from visiting America for the first time to water gun fights across the road from my home when I was little. I have had loads of family holidays across Scotland and the world which is staggering since I’m only 18.

I am excited for what is going to happen in the next 18 years in my life and ready to face all the challenges blocking my path.

I have received positive feedback about this blog with many enjoying it. So weekly I will write a blog post and continue to document my life as a student journalist.


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Life in Glasgow is brill

I have lived in Glasgow for a month! Student life is super.There have been many exciting things I have done. I did think I would struggle with the change of lifestyle from being at home in the little town Macduff to living by myself in Glasgow. But I have adapted to it very well.

I have attended the Queen’s Park Baptist church where I have made very welcomed I believe my faith has grown alot. Through the church, I have gone on an alpha course which is on a Thursday night where we discuss topics in-depth such as forgiven and explore more into our faith in God.

At college I’m the joint Sports editor for the student website and published my first piece which was a Scottish Premiership Review. As well as that we went to the Scottish Parliament and spoke to Presiding Officer Ken Macintosh. During my time in Edinburgh,I went to stay with my uncle Duane which I thoroughly enjoyed.


I also have experienced a heated Lanarkshire derby between Motherwell and Hamilton Accies where Mark McGhee’s side won 4-1 with Louis Moult netting all the goals.

Moult returned from injury to bag a 13 minute hat trick as the hosts started magically. Ali Crawford got one back with a low curling shot, but Moult stepped up to grab the fourth from the penalty spot.


I attended my first Scotland game which was amazing with the atmosphere,however this was overshadowed by a dreadful performance and only a point against Lithuania. Thank goodness James McArthur saved us from being a laughing-stock.

My time so far in Glasgow has been busy and exciting.

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Journalism student John Glover wants to write for the Daily Telegraph

An aspiring journalist at Glasgow Clyde College has revealed that politician Boris Johnson inspires his writing. As well as Jeremy Paxman, Andrew Little at the Dundee Courier, Michael Deacon and Scottish Editor of the Daily Telegraph Alan Cochrane.

John Glover from Falkirk may have surprised many when he mentioned Johnson and refered to him as a “very clever person but “acts like a buffoon”.

The 18 years old has no doubts about what newspaper he wants to write for.

He said: “I would like to write for the Daily Telegraph. I read it so logic states that you must write what you read.”

The student revealed that music is also a talent of his.

He said: “ Music is an interest I play the guitar and edit how it sounds. I can play plenty of Eric Clapton songs. I’ve started learning Warhead by Extreme Plenty.”

Glover was given some advice by Duncan Leven content controller of Radio Clyde at an event he attended where people spoke about their jobs and what they did. He feels its great advice.

Glover said: “He told me to use my contacts.”