Brian Batternsby Freelance Photographer at Service Certainty Lt

“Sean is an excellent sports reporter and has a wealth of knowledge on the subject he reports on.

“I am a regular reader of his blog and it is good to read an unbiased report that only a freelance reporter can supply.

” I became aware of him via his blog on Highland League Football, Scottish Fitba Base. I am a freelance sports photographer concentrating on Highland League Football and Sean has showcased some of my images in his reports.

” I would recommend Sean to anyone that is looking for a reporter to cover any story that needs to be covered in this area. Hopefully, they may need photos.”

“I always enjoyed reading Sean’s reports on the Highland League Football games and I thought they showed promise for the future.

“I have been to many Highland League games and I am very familiar with the general atmosphere and banter that happens at the grounds. I was able to pick this up in Sean’s reports. If he mentioned an incident that happened at a match in his report, I was almost able to visualise what happened , who was involved and what was being said!

“I know Sean has moved onto to further his journalistic career and I look forward to reading his articles in the national press.”